Better Awards for a Better Tomorrow: Sustainable, Modern, On-Brand

About Us

Sustainable. Modern. On-Brand.

The world is changing. People are more concerned about the environment. People are more attuned to the social issues that surround our daily lives. People want unique, custom products that reflect their distinct personality and ideals – not generic, mainstream things produced for the masses.

Enter Awardology. Awards designed for a new generation.

Awardology is a curated collection of sustainably-made awards in minimalist artistic shapes, each with a story inspired by human achievements in a modern world.

Through the latest technology and customization methods, every award you see can be completely personalized to meet your needs.

Awardology was created by Bennett Awards, a design studio that has led the industry in producing the highest quality custom awards and sculptures for a world-class set of clients for over 40 years.