Better Awards for a Better Tomorrow: Sustainable, Modern, On-Brand

Awardology Design Muse

Though seemingly divergent in many ways, Diane von Fursetenburg's wildly successful fashion brand was on our inspiration board when our team plotted out our new Awardology product line. 

We envisioned customizable awards that are inspiring, thoughtfully curated and practical to purchase. Above all, we wanted to create an awards line that is in step with what a modern customer needs.

What does a wrap dress have to do with recognition awards?


Perfecting a timeless silhouette and redefining a women's wardrobe staple is something Furstenburg is well-known for.

With our Awardology line designed around primitive shapes, our goal is to uplevel recognition awards with timeless classic designs in a modern aesthetic.

Color and Materials That Flatter

Furstenburg used colorful jersey fabric to make her flattering long sleeve wrap dress.

Our circular, rectangular, triangular and hexagonal designs are pieces of modern art that were developed to compliment the breadth of logos and branding elements from our clients. 

We've simplified our curated collection to be based around three sustainable materials, in thousands of different combinations and finishes.  

Client Relationships

In interviews, Furstenburg has said that beyond the wrap dress, the relationship she has had with women has defined her brand. From our work at Bennett Awards, we've developed a daily insight on what our customer's need for a successful, well-loved recognition award. Every effort is put into understanding our customers and giving them the best product available.